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Our Process


Discuss the Project and Determine the Unique Needs of Each Client.


Projects are Budgeted and Scheduled Prior to Commencing Development.


Full-Stack Development Means Design is Included for Each Project.


We Use in House Full-Stack Developers and Will NEVER Simply Outsource Your Project.


We Practice Test Driven Development (TDD) to Structure Quality Rails Applications.


We Deliver Products That Exceed Client Expectations.

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Companies We Work With

Our SaaS Products

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SOXY is enterprise software for public companies to make SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) Compliance less costly.

Time = Money.

We eliminate time by making the review process a breeze and offering a central, secure hub for your documents.

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HoursLogger eases the pain of tracking and billing your hours as a consultant by providing end users a simple and intuitive UI to manage their billable time.

We integrate with QuickBooks, so you can generate detailed invoices and have them logged in your accounting system!

It's a software solution used by companies all over the United States.

The Team

Matt Haines, CPA
Matt Haines, CPA

Matt joins the team with experience from the top firms in the Accounting and Finance industry including KPMG, LLP and BDO USA, LLP.

His entrepreneurial drive and excitement about software has lead him to help create Devco. Matt maintains the financial health of Devco while remaining an integral part of the design and development team.

Matt's passion for business is shown through making Devco a place where people WANT to do business. This happens by being fair, reliable and fostering lasting relationships with other professionals.

Matt Haines, CPA


Drew Haines
Drew Haines

Drew comes to DevCo with a background in Electrical Engineering, however he has gravitated heavily to the computer science end of the spectrum!

His passion for technology and automation are unmatched saying, "Technology and the internet are critical to any business because they bring AUTOMATION. You can have programs running on the internet 24/7 making the growth potential enormous for your business!"

Drew believes he can solve ANY problem and you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.

Drew Haines


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